What Is the Definition of the Word Covertly

Harassed a pregnant Republican member of the House of Representatives so often that she secretly changed offices. If you secretly turn into an adverb and do something secretly, it means you`re doing it secretly, secretly, or secretly, as in this excerpt from Mark Twain`s Prince and the Beggar: they`ll find ways to secretly punish you and reward those who agree with their narrative. Secretly add some to one of your lists below or create a new one. A junta can do this by using its military might to openly or secretly control decisions at the highest level. Equally impressive is that the Bailey Bridge could be rolled from side to side over a space, allowing for hidden construction or with little access on the other side. The possibility of a covert attack by iguanas cannot be ruled out. After teaming up, the three conspirators had secretly advanced on Matt and Chub. Washington worked undercover because it needed to protect its university from real and violent dangers. He would sometimes half turn around to cast a furtive admiring glance at the young officers sitting behind them.

Koyala secretly studied the profile of the inhabitant, so boyish but so masterfully austere, as he looked into the depths of the forest. Adobe said it has found a way to help the media build trust by allowing their readers to check whether news photos are deepfakes or images secretly manipulated by artificial intelligence. Once, June saw him secretly looking at his watch, and she put both her hands to his throat – choked. With this in mind, Sir John ordered the General Post Office (GPO) to secretly monitor the king`s telephone conversations. Finkenstein and Kalkstein have always secretly belonged to the Queen`s party and are now being reprimanded and clearly dishonoured. Don`t try to secretly film or hide your camera, experts say. Harrison said officers had body cameras, but because they were in covert capability, it`s unclear whether the cameras were on them or on during the shooting. Secretly, secrecy usually involves an evil purpose, illegal or unauthorized, and often emphasizes the fear of being discovered.

Stealth refers to actions or behaviors that are performed secretly, often in the ability to avoid discovery and in violation of habits, laws, or authorities. Hidden means secret or hidden. Soldiers could take part in a secret mission to infiltrate an enemy camp — and you could take part in a secret mission to steal your brother`s leftover Halloween candy. Covert emphasizes not being open or declared. Secret can also be used as a name for a covered or protected place or hiding place, as illustrated in this excerpt from Edith Wharton`s Ethan Frome: secret, secret, stealthy, secret, clandestine, devious means without arousing observation. Increase your test score with programs developed by Vocabulary.com experts. Stealthy suggests making an effort not to be seen or heard, especially for misconduct. Mystery involves concealment for some reason for some reason.

Hidden is the opposite of open, which means obvious or prominent. Hidden things are hidden, private or secret. It comes from Old French concealed or „covered”. A hidden bag of chips that you smuggled into the movie theater could literally be hidden under your coat, while a secret plan to throw a surprise party for your dad is just a secret. The opposite of secrecy is manifest and refers to something obvious or obvious.