Yale Law School Average Starting Salary

Bar throughput rates mirror those of new candidates for the Winter and Summer 2017 exams. The State has the highest number of law school graduates passed the bar examination for the period under review. The reason this report is called the „2020” report is that our 2020 Law School Ranking Report and 2020 Law School Profiles are of considerable interest to potential law school applicants who wish to enroll in courses starting in fall 2020. At the time of publication of this report in spring 2019, these employment statistics reflected the most recent data available. Median amount earned by graduates who borrowed for law school, regardless of the type or number of jobs held. Income data come from the U.S. Department of Education, which receives data from the Consolidated Revenue Fund. The underlying dataset reflects actual revenues for the first full calendar year after closing, for example: Earnings are from 2017 for 2016 graduates. This is the most recent median salary for graduates with loans, reported in 2020 on 2016 and 2017 graduates. This average is derived from actual tax returns for the year after graduation and assigned to J.D. programs by the U.S.

Department of Education and Department of the Treasury. Learn more. This measures something different from other salaries that appear on this site. These salaries come from schools following the NALP process, which measures a graduate`s annual salary 10 months after graduation (March 15) and only reports on long-term, full-time jobs. A graduate who started working on March 1, 2017 would report their starting salary (e.g., $60,000) to the NAAP. If they had held the position for the remainder of the calendar year, they would have earned $50,000 from that job in 2017. But if they earned $4,000 working part-time in January and February, they would report $54,000 in income to the IRS. Source: Data compiled from a variety of public sources, including data published by law schools and law firms in each province or territory. Yale Law is tied for #1 in terms of median starting salary among graduates working in private practice as a law firm clerk ($180,000). * The 19 graduates mentioned in this section received a highly competitive one-year scholarship for the public interest. Each scholar receives a salary of $47,500 for the year and benefits. Click here for a list of all YLSfellowship 2016-17 recipients.

Click here for more information on YLS Public Interest Scholarship opportunities. Helps you look below average salaries and see how different graduates behave in detail. Beware of non-responses. The higher the percentage of reports, the more reliable the salary information. Keep in mind that salaries differ mainly depending on geography and type of employer. Differences in salaries between schools generally reflect differences in work and geographic placements. Not all schools have access to the same workplaces or locations. Schools can provide salary information for each job classification, but generally only for graduates who report salary for long-term full-time positions in the following categories: Schools in the same category as Yale Law School, sorted by salary The salary statistic is for full-time graduates in long-term employment for the class of 2017 at graduation and in the ten months following graduation (approximately spring 2018). as reported by the graduates themselves. Find salary information for similar job titles and locations Our summer job boards reflect the employment sectors in which our students worked after their first and second year of law school.

CDO creates a judicial referendary job board, which includes the number of graduates who report an internship at different times after graduation, as well as the total number of internships received by graduates each year. Since many of our graduates are post-graduation clerks, we also provide data on their first non-internship job. Finally, each spring, the College collects information on our graduates five years after graduation, as shown in Table Five Years After Graduation. Yale Law is tied for #15 in terms of median starting salary among graduates working in government jobs or federal or state internships ($62,591). Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Education recently began publishing program-specific salary information. This is useful and very reliable information, but you should still ask the school to voluntarily publish its NALP report. You and the public deserve this information. Divides graduate salaries into two categories: those who are employed (and report a salary) in the state where the law school is located and those who are employed in other states/countries (and report a salary).

Yale University does not disclose any material salary information it holds. On this page, we publish the latest salary information that schools voluntarily publish in 2015 via their NALP reports. This means that the school did not voluntarily publish these reports for the classes of 2015 to 2018. Divides graduate salaries into two categories: those who work in the private sector (and report a salary) and those who work in the public sector (and report a salary). The private sector includes jobs in law firms and in business and industry. The public sector includes jobs in the fields of education, public interest, government and judicial chambers (internships). Yale Law ranks #9 in terms of tuition fees among full-time law students ($64,267). We rank out of a total of 283 tuition fees from 194 law schools and rank twice as many law schools that have different tuition fees inside and outside the state. Yale law students are among the most sought after in the country by employers of all kinds.