Why Is Spencer Carly`s Legal Guardian

Spencer Shay (born November 11, 1981) is Carly Shay`s older brother and former legal guardian. He is a professional artist known for being clumsy and sometimes childish. Grandpa`s decision came after one of Spencer`s sculptures, aptly titled „Fan of Hammers!” became dangerous. One of the hammers almost hit Carly, reinforcing Grandpa`s belief that Spencer was too irresponsible to be her guardian. Spencer became Carly`s guardian after her father, Colonel Steven Shay, left for a mission in the U.S. Air Force. Thus, the context of Grandpa`s arrival matched iCarly`s sense of humor. However, the importance of his visit was narratively heavier than what the series had previously allowed itself. In the end, Spencer proves that he is capable of caring for his sister by urging Grandpa to take Carly`s inhaler with him, even though Carly hasn`t had an asthma attack since the age of seven. After Spencer burns a Christmas tree (buying a metallic magnetic tree instead of a real one), Carly wishes Spencer was born normal.

She is approached by her guardian angel Mitch, who grants her wish and shows her a universe where Spencer is normal. Spencer Shay is Carly`s older brother and guardian. He appears in the pilot episode of the original series titled „iPilot”. Carly`s father works in the Air Force and is stationed on a submarine in Italy (don`t worry, Carly is just as confused as we are). At the same time, his mother`s identity remains a mystery. This makes Spencer his guardian and adult supervisor; The only problem is that Spencer is more of a kid than Carly. Carly and her brother have a very strong and loving relationship. They often enjoy spending time together. Carly acts as his voice of reason or emotional support when needed, and vice versa. Although he seems quite relaxed in his role as a guardian, he is able to be responsible, mature and strict when necessary, as shown by iLook Like.

He also proved to be a protective but understanding big brother. In IDate a Bad Boy, he finds Carly because she kissed Griffin behind her back when they were home alone. He also forbids her to see him to protect her and make sure she doesn`t grow up too fast. He changes his mind when he realizes that Carly is growing up and is old enough to date. However, he always becomes protective, making sure Carly and Griffin don`t have as much fun. Their brother-sister relationship is very important to the show in many ways. (See: Sparly) Spencer attended Seattle Law School for three days, but left to become an artist. Although he dropped out of law school after only seventy-two hours, he still has some legal knowledge and has even kept a textbook. [31] [32] When he dropped out of school, he made an agreement with his grandfather that if he could not send one of his sculptures to a museum within three years, he would return to law school. [33] However, he does not disclose to his father that he has dropped out of school.

[34] During a webcast, while Spencer was on the phone with his father, he told her that law school was going very well. [35] He first revealed the iGoodbye truth. Spencer (Jerry Trainor) is the older brother and legal guardian of 26-year-old Carly. Carly lives in Seattle with her adult brother and guardian Spencer and produces the show in a makeshift studio on the third floor of her apartment. His father, Steven Shay, is a U.S. Air Force officer stationed on a submarine and is often mentioned, but is only seen in the final episode of the series, „iGoodbye”. Spencer Shay is the strange, eccentric, but caring and devoted older brother of Carly and the son of Colonel Steven Shay and Mrs. Shay. He was about 26 years old at the time of the first season. He grew up in Seattle and attended Ridgeway Junior High School. Since her father is in the military, Spencer was Carly`s legal guardian. He lived with his younger brother in apartment 8-C at Bushwell Plaza, while their father was stationed on a Navy submarine.

His mother`s whereabouts are unknown. When Carly`s grandfather (Greg Mullavey) visits her and sees her almost beheaded by a hammer because Spencer`s Fan of Hammers sculpture on iCarly doesn`t work, he fears that Spencer is too irresponsible to be Carly`s guardian and wants her to come to him in Yakima, WA, to stay safe. Carly tries to avoid going to Yakima. She and her friends decide to change her grandfather`s mind, which ultimately fails when a kitchen fire breaks out. Spencer then realizes that he is irresponsible and agrees to let Carly move in with her grandfather.