When Will Sports Betting Be Legal in Canada

While Canadians could previously place bets on foreign and grey market sites, the legality of this situation was rather murky. Sports betting has never been legal outside of provincial lotteries, but technically not explicitly illegal either. As a result, Canadians have never been prosecuted for using sports betting abroad and the sports betting itself has never been investigated or prosecuted of any kind. This has led various European, Caribbean and Central American websites to host Canadian bettors over the years, driving all sorts of businesses away from potential legal operators. As a result of the changes made in Bill C-218, Canada can now keep these revenues at home while monitoring all operations to ensure that its players have the most enjoyable and equitable experience. Yes, depending on the province. Starting in August 2021, each province could establish its own sports betting laws. Most wasted no time in introducing single-match betting, and Ontario was the first to open up to international sports betting. On June 6, 2022, the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) signed an agreement with British Columbia Lottery Corp. (BCLC), which will make its PlayNow.com platform available to players across the province. The addition of PlayNow will help expand legal sports betting in Saskatchewan. SIGA President and CEO Zane Hansen expects online sports betting to launch in SK in October 2022.

Gambling compliance firm VIXIO predicts that Ontario`s online sports betting market could generate total gross revenue of $777 million (C$989 million) in its first year. The market is also expected to reach $1.46 billion (C$1.86 billion) by 2026, making it one of the largest online gambling markets in North America. Caesars recently acquired William Hill and acquired the sports betting app William Hill and renamed it Caesars Sportsbook. These two gaming supergiants have teamed up to create one of the best gambling experiences in North America. We anticipate that Caesars will seek to expand northward into Ontario if the law allows. Nunavut is powered exclusively by Sport Select, a platform overseen by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC). Bettors in Nunavut have the same betting restrictions as in many other provinces and territories. Without sports betting or online betting options, bettors are limited to personal betting at certain retail stores. As a Canadian sports media giant with a huge presence in eSports, theScore already has a beautiful app that you can access anytime from your mobile device. With a growing presence in the United States, theScore Bet Canada officially joined the legal and regulated sports betting market in Ontario on April 4, 2022. On August 3, 2021, it was announced that BCLC had selected Genius Sports Limited as its official data provider to prepare for the revamped betting landscape in Canada. Ontario has always been the favorite to launch online sports betting first in Canada, and the province has the support of some major gaming companies such as DK, FD, MGM and Caesars.

However, regulations, fees and taxes are not specific. Sports betting expects rules and regulations similar to some markets in the United States. If true, it means sports betting will have an easy transition from states like Michigan, Virginia and New Jersey to Ontario, Canada. Yes, it is completely legal to place bets with BetVictor in Canada. With a population of around 38 million (slightly smaller than California), this is a huge opportunity for sports betting and a completely different market than the US. New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island are three of Canada`s four Atlantic provinces that introduced single-game betting on Day 1 and added the option to their respective services on August 27, 2021. The fourth and final Atlantic province to do so is Nova Scotia, which finally added single-game sports betting to its menu on Feb. 11, 2022, just before Super Bowl 56. All online gaming operations that take place in the four Atlantic provinces are overseen by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation and, for this reason, bettors residing in one of the four provinces must file all legal actions at PRO•LINE Stadium, currently the only sports betting platform available for ALS. Still not convinced? Here are some key reasons why you should opt for a legal sports betting app in Canada. You may be wondering why we are talking about legal Canadian sports betting in terms of single-game betting. Well, that`s because Canada actually has a long history of legal betting – it`s always been in the form of parlay.

With legal online sports betting on the horizon in Canada, stakeholders and bettors are excited about the future. It doesn`t mean to sound like a scratched record, but the availability of sports betting bonuses will depend on the province – especially those with a unique state-owned bookmaker. As mentioned earlier, this varies from province to province. For example, Ontario`s thirst for an open market has already led major industry players to put their stamp on Ontario`s sports betting market. Conversely, less populous provinces may limit bettors to their respective lottery offers. For this reason, gray market sports betting could very well continue to account for a large portion of sports betting revenue in the country. After Bill C-218 was passed in June, the Canadian federal government waited several weeks to announce that the law would come into force on August 27, 2021, meaning provinces could legalize single-game sports betting from that date. As mentioned above, the federal government will not regulate sports betting in Canada – each province may or may not legalize single-match betting and regulate it at its own discretion. Single-game sports betting has arrived in the Northwest Territories.

From November 1, 2021, residents will be able to bet on the outcome of a single event with Sport Select. However, Northwesterners are still waiting for full online betting. Hockey is a national obsession and the most popular sport for online betting in Canada, with people betting on the NHL as well as other top competitions around the world. Our interactive map shows where each Canadian province and territory is on the road to legalizing single-game online sports betting. Note that many licensed offshore websites offer legal alternatives and this graphic represents only provincially regulated options. In addition to Manitoba with single-game online betting, none other than Alberta, which also launched solo betting on its Play Alberta platform on September 1, 2021. Home to the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, Alberta is sure to kick off its fair share of action online. Previously limited to the use of Sport Select, bettors in Manitoba and Alberta now have access to an industry-standard legal sports bookmaker with a full range of menu options. Canadian sports bettors can place bets with confidence with Sports Interaction.

Also known as SIA, the online provider is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada. Sports Interaction not only offers competitive betting odds, but also a variety of betting options. Their top-notch customer support and secure banking puts them at the top of our list of the best sports betting in Canada. With Bill C-218, each province can now pass its own sports betting laws. Ontario is the first country to open to international books, with sports betting going online in April 2022. The rest is on its way. The Montreal Canadiens are probably the biggest professional sports team in Quebec and are likely to attract a lot of betting action. Since this rule no longer applies, sports bettors in Canada can bet on their favourite sporting events one by one.

Go ahead and bet money on the Toronto Raptors` game against the Miami Heat, you`re thrilled to see Kyle Lowry return. Efforts to legalize single-game betting in Canada have been ongoing for several years.