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Log in directly to (with Part 3 credentials and MyBama login) For more documentation, see the CIT blackboard page and please contact for help with file sharing You can distribute PDF, Powerpoints, and Word files (files) with students (don`t share video or audio this way, files become too large) via Blackboard, to avoid email limits and help with the organization. Blackboard is the law school`s learning management system. Blackboard allows instructors to provide course materials (lists or links to readings, curricula, etc.), communicate via email, use Zoom or Collaborate Ultra to organize virtual office hours, facilitate discussions via discussion forums and VoiceThread, receive assignments and articles, and manage online quizzes and surveys. extending lessons beyond the physical classroom. On this page, you`ll find basic documentation and videos about commonly used Blackboard features. A basic tutorial with 4 modules is also available on the Blackboard page of faculty resources (UMID/password required for access). Instructors can also schedule one-on-one training or consultations to get help with a specific Blackboard course or feature by sending an email to Blackboard is the Faculty of Law`s course management system. All courses taught at the Faculty of Law have a corresponding online course on Blackboard. Although every law course, online and in person, has a Blackboard component, not all instructors use their Blackboard in the same way or not at all. Your instructor will give you advice on how much or little content is available on Blackboard. On this page, you`ll find documentation about basic Blackboard features.

Students can also schedule one-on-one training or consultations to get help with a specific Blackboard course or feature. Please contact: Use Firefox® and JAWS on a Windows system to get the best Blackboard Learn experience®® when using a screen reader. On a Mac, ® use Safari® and VoiceOver. Visit the Accessibility page to learn more about Blackboard`s approach to accessible software. Students who are not taking a course can also view course materials through Blackboard Learn. Once students are enrolled in the system, they must select the All Blackboard Learn Courses tab. Select the Law School folder on the right side of the page, then use the Browse Categories drop-down menu to select „Fall 2020 [LAW]”. There will be a list of law courses with websites. Once the sites are set up, students should have access to the content area along with the program and the first assignments. If you are having trouble accessing the Blackboard Learn website, please contact the faculty member`s assistant to obtain the curriculum or other course materials before registering for the course. In Blackboard Learn, the My Courses tab displays links to courses where students are officially enrolled.

Students who are officially enrolled in a course should have access to all published materials approximately one week before the start of the course. Please note that students who register after the first phase of registration (for example, when adding/removing) must be added to the course overnight and must have access to the course material the next morning. Documents are typically accessible through the Course Information and Course Materials sections of the Blackboard Learn course website. Whether you`re just starting your first course with Blackboard or you`ve already used it and need a reminder, read the Students section. On these pages, you`ll find valuable tips for working in your Blackboard course, setting up your computer, frequently asked questions, and tutorials. Student enrollment in Blackboard courses is directly linked to the student enrollment system and is updated at night when transactions processed before 12:00 p.m. are recorded. You need a UMID account to access Blackboard. On the Blackboard sign-in page, click the red button to go to the authentication page where you enter your umID username and password. Most Blackboard courses are not available to students until the first day of the semester.

If you search for the course before the first day of class, it may not yet be available to students. If it`s after the first day of class, check with your instructor. Select your course under My Courses (listed by course and section number) All courses in the current semester have a Blackboard site. Blackboard integrates with MySuffolk to create a location for each course taught each semester. It automatically processes student enrollments and faculty assignments. A fully functional course area called a shell provides tools for viewing content, interacting with students, and evaluating student work. Blackboard supports a variety of materials to create engaging content, such as: All lesson plans are published to the Blackboard Learn course management system. Students can sign in to Blackboard Learn at All courses taught at the Faculty of Law have a corresponding online course on Blackboard, even those taught in person. Student enrollment in a Blackboard course is directly linked to the Student Enrollment System (SURFS) and is updated at night when transactions processed before 12:00 p.m. are recorded. If you are preparing to copy your course material for the summer session, please note a critical issue with the course copies and discussion forum.

Visit the Faculty/Staff section for videos, tutorials, and other important information about duplicating courses, downloading students, and managing your files.